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Some Recommended Trails:


Trail Location Difficulty Link
Battle Bluff Dewdrop Range moderate BB
Dewdrop Trail Dewdrop Range to Red Plateau more difficult DT
Mara Canyon Tranquille Road west more difficult MC
Valleyview Nature Park Valleyview Arena trailhead moderate VNP
Barnes Lake Trails Barnhartvale moderate BLT
Paul Lake Paul Lake Provincial Park moderate PL
Kenna Cartwright Park 4 trailheads right in the City of Kamloops moderate to more difficult KCP
Pineview Trails Pineview Valley area moderate to more difficult PT
Batchelor Hills Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area moderate to more difficult BH
Stake Lake Trails 25 km SW of Kamloops moderate to more difficult SLT
Mount Embleton on the Sun Peaks Road moderate to more difficult ME
Isobel Lake east of McQueen Lake easy IL
Dallas – Barnhartvale Nature Park trailheads in Dallas and Barnhartvale moderate DBNP


A Google Map of this website’s hiking trails is provided here.

A Google map of many more trails, tracks, routes, and exploration is provided here.