Kamloops Hiking Trails website arose out of Kamloopstrails.net, which is a separate website blog detailing hiking, paddling, snowshoeing, and exploring in the Kamloops area and beyond.   It gets good traffic, but it was not what out-of-town visitors or new hikers needed.   The goals in creating this site arose from these questions:

  • What are the main hiking trails in Kamloops?
  • Where are they and how do we get there?
  • Where are the trailheads?
  • What other information is available (maps, info, etc.)?

This website provides core information on the main hiking trails in the area.   Updates will be added from time to time as the need arises.

Comments can be made to any of the pages or posts on the website and are welcomed, but we do review every comment before publishing it to avoid spam and other negative input.   If you have questions, you can email us at ktrails@kamloopstrails.net.

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