Bonaparte Plateau Provincial Park (link) is a large park that sits higher on the Interior Plateau in a remote area.   It is popular with fishermen and hunters and logging is active along many of the access roads.   It can be a long drive on active gravel haul roads to get to one of the trailheads.   Many of the trails are unmaintained and windfall is likely.   Skoatl Point is the best known trail and it is kept clear of deadfall most years.   Trailheads can be difficult to find so carry maps and directions to find the trailheads.


Driving Directions:

From Kamloops drive out Westsyde Road past Kamloops.   Turn up the Jamieson Creek Forest Service Road (about 25 km up the road) and continue up the gravel road as it climbs onto the plateau.   Active log hauling makes all roads less safe so use of an appropriate two-way radio is recommended.

All trails are off on side roads.   Most have a posted sign at the junction.   Kilometer markers are used along the road and in these directions.   The road goes all the way to Bonaparte Lake (55 km) and each trail is found along a side road off the Jamieson Forest Service Road.



  • Skoatl Point – in spite of its popularity, the trailhead is a bit hard to find
  • Turn onto the Windy Lake Road (just at the end of Whitewood Lake) and continue up this road, passing the Rec Site at Windy Lake.   Continue along the rough road and then turn right.
  • Tstintsunko Lake – turn onto the Beaverhut -Cabin Lake Road just past Km 28.
  • Shelley Lake – turn onto the Beaverhut – Cabin Lake Road just past Km 28
  • Mayson – Bogmar – Scott – Allan Lake Trails.   Turn onto the Mayson (Powder) Lake Road at Km 51.   Watch for sings for these backcountry horseback trails.
  • There are other routes on the Bonaparte Plateau that go into fishing lakes and some can be linked up to create loops, but good navigation skills and lots of patience is required



  • Skoatl Point Trail is recommended.
  • The final part of the trail is a steep scramble on rock.   See the articles below for more information.
  • Most trails on Bonaparte Plateau are for experienced navigators and hikers.   See the articles below for more information.


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