The Lac le Jeune area is used by hikers, cross country skiers, mountain bikers, fishermen, and paddlers.   There are signed trails within the Park and on Crown land bordering the park, but also on the adjacent Stake Lake Trails.

Driving Directions:

  • The Lac le Jeune Road can be followed from Kamloops via the Copperhead Drive exit to Lac le Jeune Road or by taking the Coquihalla Highway, exiting onto the Meadow Creek Road.
  • Most hikers turn left onto Lac le Jeune Park Drive East to hike from the campground area or they may choose to beyond to the Ross Moore Lake Forest Service Road.
  • There are a number of trails on the Stake Lake Trail system which can be accessed from Lac le Jeune, but are more frequently accessed from the Stake Lake parking lot, 4 km north on the Lac le Jeune Road.



  • From the beach area, trails follow the lakeshore to the end of the campground on the east side.   Signs there show the route to the Gus Johnson Trail or onto the Stake Lake Trails.
  • It is also possible to do an around the lake route using the Gus Johnson Trail, Lookout Road, and Rainbow-Water Street.
  • There are lots of backroads to the east of Lac le Jeune and onto the ridges to the south (Ridge Lakes), but they are all unsigned.
  • Google Map (link) of the area


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