The Gus Johnson Trail goes right around Lac le Jeune.   Much of it is inside the Park, but it also uses sections of public-access roads.   It is forested for much of the route, but there are few viewpoints across the lake too.


  • Most people start at the beach area of the campground, but it is possible to start at any other point along one of the roads.   BC Parks provides us with this map:

Gus Johnson

  • Counter-Clockwise – follow the lakeside trail through the campground, exiting through a person-gate where there is a sign and map.   Follow the road for 260m and turn onto the Forest Service Road.   Watch for a signed turn on the Sidewinder Trail ahead.
  • At each trail junction use the posted maps to stay on the right trail.   Follow the trail around the east and south side of the lake.
  • The trail comes out onto Lookout Road.   Continue along the road and turn right to go down to the bridge.   Turn right onto Rainbow Lane (called Water Street on Google maps) and follow the road to the entry gate to the campground near the boat launch.
  • Clockwise – Go west to the boat launch area and exit through the gate.   Follow the road along the lakeshore and out to the Lac le Jeune Road.   Turn left and go up the hill to Lookout Road and turn left, going to the end of the road where the trail starts.
  • The trail is a total of 13 km.


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