The trails of this park start at the bottom of the silt cliffs in Dallas and work their way up onto the benchlands in Barnhartvale.


Driving Directions and Trailheads:

  • Drive east on Highway 1 and turn left onto Dallas Drive.   Continue along Dallas Drive to the lower trailhead which is found at Mountview Drive.   The trail at the south end is Pussywillow Lane.
  • To go to one of the upper trailheads, drive up Barnhartvale Road and turn left on Eliza Road.   There is parking there and trailhead signs posted.
  • There is a third trailhead on Blackwell Road, but parking is quite limited there.



  • Both trailheads can be used to create a pleasing loop.
  • The Blackwell Trails are on a grazing lease so there may be restrictions and some signage posted.  Please respect signage, fences, grazing cattle, and gates.
  • Dallas Barnhartvale Nature Trail map (pdf)


dallas barnhartvale map


More Information:


Pussywillow Lane Hike 001rpussywillowlanehike/dsmith


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