Kenna Cartwright Park (KCP) and Lac du Bois Grassalands are the premier hiking areas in the Kamloops area.   KCP is the largest municipal park in the province at 800 ha.   There are 40km of trails for hiking.   It is used by walkers, hikers, dog walkers, mountain bikers and families in all 4 seasons.   There are good parking lots and lots of signage.   Recommended.

Driving Directions and Trailheads:

  • Hillside Drive – the main trailhead

kenna main

  • Pacific Way (near the north end)

kenna pacific

  • Home Depot Parking (near the entrance on the left)

kenna home depot

  • Bunker Road (past the recycling bins)

kenna bunkers


  • There are many trail options.   Each trail junction has maps so just pick a trail and start hiking.
  • A number of trails are steeper, especially if they climb over the central hill, Mount Dufferin.
  • Kenna Cartwright Park Map (pdf)
  • KCP Bike Trails (pdf)
  • A recommended hiking route is around the mountain in a loop, using the Upper Doug Daws Trail.
  • There are some fine routes on the west end of the park that are less known too.  (Sunset Trail)


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