The Dewdrop Range is a benchland between Kamloops Lake and Red Plateau.   Gravel/dirt backroads run west and hiking trails can be accessed from the main road.

The Frederick Road runs along sagebrush flats for 3.5 km where it splits into two.   The lower road goes through the hills towards Frederick, a small summer community next to the lake, but there is a gate part-way down the hill.      The upper road  continues for another 9 km, but is is rough and best driven in a high clearance vehicle.

Much of the area is within Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected area.   Bighorn sheep frequent the hills and cattle grazing is permitted.    Rattlesnakes are sometimes spotted in late spring.   Grasslands and sagebrush cover the lower hills and douglas fir and junipers cover the upper slopes.

This is good hiking terrain, but there are only 2-3 established trails.   Mountain bikers enjoy the double tracks that run east-west.   There are a number of informal routes in the area (Dewdrop Arch, Peregrine Bluffs, Rousseau Hill, Outer Dewdrop Loop, and more).

Driving Directions:

  1. From the north shore in Kamloops, drive west past the airport onto Tranquille Road, and follow the road as it turns to gravel.
  2. Pass Tranquille (stay right), cross the trail tracks, cross a bridge across Tranquille Creek, then start climbing the hill on the Red Lake Road (Google calls it the Tranquille – Criss Creek Road).
  3. At the sharp bend (at N50 44.424 W120 32.893), turn left onto the Frederick Road (usually called the Dewdrop Road).   Continue along this road to one of several trailheads.


frederick road


  • The Dewdrop Trail parking area is 0.65 km along this road on the right (at (N50 44.663 W120 33.237)
  • The Battle Bluff Trail is 1.5 km along this road (N50 44.791 W120 33.909).
  • Parking spots for exploration of the outer Dewdrop areas are found along the the upper and lower roads.
  • Google Map showing trailheads.


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