This trail was originally built by the BC Forest Service, but was mosty unimproved/maintained for about 25 years.  In 2006 the area was included in the Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area.   After 2000, the trail became eroded naturally, but assisted by mountain bikers coming down the trail.   In the past few years, the Kamloops Thompson Trails Alliance, supported by BC Parks has been maintaining this trail.

This is one of the premier trails of our area, but it can be challenging too.   On a hot day, the trail is south-facing and dry.   Always carry water and come well-prepared to this trail.


  • The trailhead is found 0.65 km along the Frederick Road at N50 44.663 W120 33.237.  Watch for a parking area and sign on the right.
  • Be careful of nails or broken bottles on the dirt, since it seems to be a place for a palette-party bonfire.
  • The trail starts at the concrete barrier and follows a double track along the fenceline.
  • Cross a style over the fence at 0.6 km.
  • The trail follows a treed gully to the 2km mark.
  • A short spur trail goes out to the Dewdrop Viewpoint where there is bench constructed by the Trails Alliance
  • From this junction the trail follows the ridge to the top of the escarpment, a total vertical climb of 500m (1640 feet).
  • Once in the forest on Red Plateau, the trail winds along the escarpent rim to several viewpoints.
  • Farther along the trail becomes less distinct, but hikers can watch for flagging tape and bootworn single tracks (do not take any right turns)
  • Hikers can pick any viewpoint they want to stop for a break.   Along the way there are many points of interest – volcanic rocks, arches, viewpoints, colored cliffs, etc.
  • Most hikers go out and back, a total distance of 9 – 13 km, depending on the turn-around point.
  • There is a trail extension called the Dewdrop Escarpment Trail (Kamloops Outdoor Club) that carries on for a few more kilometers, but we usually do that one from the Red Plateau Forest Service Road (go to for more information on the Red Plateau).



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