The Lac du Bois Road starts in Batchelor Hills and turns to a gravel road not far past the cattle guard.   The road climbs through the Batchelor Hills  into the grasslands of Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area.  On the west are Mt. Mara, then Wheeler Mountain, and Opax Mountain.   The Batchelor Range rises to the east overlooking Westsyde and the North Thompson River.

At the northern end of the Park is Crown land, McQueen Lake Environmental Education Center, and backroads splitting off to various Rec sites, forestry and logging areas, fishing lakes, and highland forests.

In the 14 km along Lac du Bois Road from Batchelor Hills to McQueen Lake are many places for hiking in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Grasslands.

Driving Directions:

Cross into North Kamloops by either Overlander Bridge (Fortune Drive > 8th Street > Batchelor Hills Drive) or Halston Bridge (Halston > 8th > Batchelor Hills Drive.   Drive up the hill through the Batchelor Hills neighborhood and enter the grasslands just past the cattleguard.


There are many trailheads along this road and only a few are noted here.

  • The Forest Service Road has posted mileage markers.   The cattleguard area is at posted 1km mark.
  • After crossing the cattleguard , there is a parking area.   Some people hike into the Batchelor Hills from that spot.   Trails are unsigned, but there are both double tracks and single tracks going north.
  • A parking area a farther 0.65 km up the road on the left leads to a single track (on the right) mostly used by mountain bikers.
  • The large open area on the right 1.4 km up the road from the cattleguard is mostly used by motorcycles and ATV’s.   Hikers can use this area off-season, but it is the domain of the motorized crowd.
  • At 2.0 km from the cattleguard (near the 3km mark), watch for a sideroad to the left.   Take the turn at (N50 43.591 W120 23.979) and park alongside the sideroad, or go down to the fenceline below.   There are a large  a number of trails used by hikers and mountain bikers.   It is sometimes referred to as Batchelor Hills West or the Barren Hills.
  • At 3.25 km past the cattleguard (past the 4km sign) a sideroad on the left is another access route into the Barren Hills.
  • The signed Pruden Pass Road goes left 1.6 km farther ahead (before the 6km sign).   The land at the end of the rough road is private property, but there are single tracks and double tracks going off this road that hikers sometimes use.
  • At 6.0 km along the road from the cattleguard (posted as 7km), some hikers park at the start of the curve to hike over to Long Lake (to the right, but unsigned).
  • At 8.5 km from the cattleguard (past the 9km sign) is a parking area on the right (N50 46.607 W120 25.897).   Single track walking/hiking trails go into the Middle Grasslands from this signed trailhead.
  • At 11.3 km past the cattleguard (past the 12 km sign) are some areas to park beside Lac le Jeune.   Numerous trails start there.
  • At about 13.8 km past the cattleguard (past the 14km sign) is a parking area which hikers use to access some unsigned routes in the Upper Grasslands.
  • On the left 0.4 km ahead is a sideroad that goes up to trails in the Opax Demonstration Forest and beyond onto Opax Mountain.
  • At 0.6 km farther ahead (16km sign area), the road to the left goes into the highland forests past Pass Lake.   The road to the right passes the McQueen Lake Center and 4km beyond to Isobel Lake.
  • The Lac du Bois Road is sometimes an active log hauling road so drivers should take the appropriate precautions.
  • Google Map with trailheads


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