A number of excellent hiking routes start at Lac du Bois.   The trails go through the upper grasslands and up into the forest.   Many combinations are possible.   The whole area is scenic and wildlife can often be spotted.   This is backcountry, though, so go on these trails well-prepared.

Driving Directions:

  • Follow the Lac du Bois to the lake and park at one of the designated road-side parking areas near the lake.

Lac du Bois Trailheads


  • The Upper Grasslands Track starts on the east side of the lake and bears south.
  • The Wheeler Mountain Track follows this same route for 1.7 km, then turns to the right climbing the lower slopes of the mountain.
  • The Hanging Valley Track follows the north shore of the lake, then curves around into the upper end of Hanging Valley.
  • The West Opax Track follows the Hanging Valley Track for 1.8 km where a right fork starts to climb the lower slopes of Opax Mountain.
  • There are variations of routes off these trails too.   None are signed and some navigation is required.
  • Most of these routes cross Nature Conservancy of Canada lands which allow for low-impact recreational uses of the Lac du Bois Conservation Area.
  • At 0.85 km past Lac du Bois is a small parking area at the right.   A single track goes up the hill to Stoney Lake, linking it into the upper grasslands route.
  • At 2.7 km past Lac du Bois is a large parking area on the right.   The trailhead into the grassland is 150m back down the road on the east side.   This faint double track goes past the north side of the pond and up though the aspens into the upper grasslands.   A fork goes northeast towards Clay Lake and beyond to the Grasslands Community Trail.   At the fork, the route to the right goes into the beautiful upper grasslands where many routes can be done.
  • Just past this parking area is the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Center.   It is all private property and the School District would like users to not use the trails while students are on the site (for the safety and security of the students).   For permission to access the trails at other times, contact the McQueen Lake Coordinator at the Henry Grube Center.   There are routes on the south side of the fenceline to the forest and grasslands that can be used instead of using the McQueen trails.
  • On the Lac du Bois Forest Service Road opposite McQueen Lake, a side road on the left goes up to the Opax Mountain Demonstration Forest and beyond to the east approach to Opax Mountain.
  • The official trailhead for the Grasslands Community Trail is along the McQueen – Isobel FSR.   Follow the road, passing McQueen Lake, then Griffin Lake.   Watch for the sign on the right.
  • Wildflower season starts in April and continues through to the latter part of June.




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