The middle grasslands zone of Lac du Bois has some routes to hike that are still in the open, but are at the northern edge of the sagebrush zone.

Driving Directions:

Continue up the Lac du Bois Forest Service Road to the trailhead areas.   Kilometer distances are from the cattleguard at the end of the Batchelor Hills neighborhood.


  • At 4.8 km past the cattleguard (past the 5km FSR sign), the Pruden Pass Road leads off to the left.   It is 2WD at the start, but becomes high-clearance farther on.   In wet conditions there is mud and some deeper puddles.    There are some hiking routes on both the north and south sides of the road and there is also some private grazing lands (watch for signs).
  • At about 6 km past the cattleguard (7km FSR sign) the road swings left.   Hikers can park off the side of the road on the right to follow a route next to the fenceline also on the right that goes over to Long Lake.   It is a single track  that is unsigned and there are a number of side trails, but just follow the fenceline to the south end of Long Lake.   There are almost no trees so just continue NNE.
  • At 8.5 km past the cattleguard (past the FSR 9km sign), there is a small parking area on the right.   The area is signed and there is good parking.   There are fine single track routes that can be hiked across the grasslands and glaciated hills overlooking Long Lake.
  • At about 10.7 km past the cattleguard (before the FSR 12km sign), an old double track goes up the hill to the right into the upper grasslands.




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