The Barnes Lake Trails are wonderful trails, but most residents of Kamloops don’t know anything about them.   They were developed as horse-and-hiker trails by the local backcountry horseback riders.   Trails climb gradually through the grasslands to the forest.   All trails are marked with color-coded markers and a good map helps hikers to stay on track.

Driving Directions:

Take Highway 1 east and turn onto Dallas Drive, then go up Barnhartvale Road.   There are 3 two trailheads off Barnhartvale Road and one off the Robbins Range Road.

For the main trailhead, pass Barnhartvale Hall and climb the hill to Gardiner Road and park across the road from the Gardiner Road trailhead.  There is a another trailhead across from Barnhartvale Hall.   A third trailhead is found a short distance up the Robbins Range Road.


Barnes Trailhead


  • For the first time on these trails, follow the main trail (#1) and make your own loop back.
  • There is also a 4th trailhead called the Back Gate, but it is quite hard to find and takes you to the same area.


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