Isobel Lake lies in the forest north of Kamloops.   A small lake is the center of a number of recreation activities – camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and paddling.  A BC Rec Site is situated on the east end of the lake, 25 km from town.

Driving Directions:

From Kamloops North Shore, go north to Batchelor Hills Drive.   After the cattle guard the road becomes the Lac du Bois Forest Service Road.   Follow the gravel road for until you pass McQueen Lake.   At the northwest end of McQueen Lake, watch for signs and turn right onto the McQueen – Isobel Lake Road.   Isobel Lake is about 4km down this road.   Park near the Rec Site.


  • A loop trail goes around the lake and it can be hiked from any point.
  • The Eagles Eyrie Lookout Trail bears south to the top of a hill off the south side of the lake trail.
  • The Forest Capital Trail bears west from the west end of the lake loop and goes to McQueen Lake.
  • The signed Grasslands Community Trail begins 2.5 km back along the Isobel Lake Road.


Isobel Ortho



  • Any of the trails can be combined for a moderate hike.isobel
  • The trail bearing west (Forest Capital Trail) can be a bit hard to find and is not used much, except by skiers and snowshoers coming over from McQueen Lake.
  • There is some parking at the trailhead for the Community Grasslands Trail, 2.5 km back along the road.


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