Links to articles on other hiking trails and routes are listed here in no specific order.   The goal here is to ensure all listed trails are not on private lands, on restricted grazing leases, or in unsafe areas.   Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

  • Sunrise Mountain (blog link) – a steep hike to the top of a hill overlooking Barnhartvale Road
  • Six Mile Area (blog link) – a grasslands and lakes area 30 minutes west of Kamloops; cattle grazing areas surround the recreational areas so please respect signage, fences, and gates
  • Bush Lake Trails (blog link) – Crown land at 4000 feet south of Kamloops with some summer cattle grazing; informal trails, mostly used in the winter (another blog link)
  • Watching Creek – Crown lands which lead into the northwest end of Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area; informal trails (blog link)
  • Timber Lake, Chuwhels Mountain, and Greenstone Mountain – a large forested network of backroads and single tracks used by motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, mountain bikers, and hikers (there are numerous articles, but use the Search tool at this blog link)
  • Lyons Lake Route – a forested double track route to Lyons Lake and back (blog link)
  • Orchard Lake Trails – a horse and hiker trail network north of Kamloops; good trails but recent logging has been seen on the west side (blog link)
  • Rockface Mountain – backroads access from Pinantan Lake to the upper part of the mountain (blog link)
  • Painted Bluffs Provincial Park – a stunning provincial park on the shores of Kamloops Lake with difficult access (blog link – paddle route)
  • Tranquille Creek – an easy and pleasant trail up the creek; go past Tranquille and just before you cross Tranquille Creek, turn right and park at the gate; follow the creek upstream and return by the same route (an easy walk)
  • Savona Caves – a popular scramble to caves in the cliffs south of Savona, off the Tunkwa Lake Road (blog link)
  • Roche Lake – blog link
  • Wells Gray – There are dozens of great trails in Wells Gray Park.   All of the trails are featured on KamloopsTrails or in Roland Neave’s outstanding book Exploring Wells Gray Park.
  • Google Map of Area Hikes
  • Check the links to other sites on the front page for more hikes in the Kamloops area.
  • Which other trails should be included on this website?   Please comment.


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