The Outer Inks Lakes trail system started as a series of backroads on the eastern flank of Greenstone Mountain, but the building of the Coquihalla Highway, the expansion of mining in the area, logging activity, and expanded grazing leases have affected the old routes, but still the area is mostly forested, with some diverse areas to explore.   The old roads are still there, but the motorcycling community has adopted the area and many signed single track trails criss-cross the hills.   When the area dries out in the late spring, it is used by motorcycles, ATVs and mountain bikes, but for the rest of the year the trails make good hiking routes, with many possible route choices.

Driving Directions:

From Kamloops, follow Highway 1 west, then continue on the Coquihalla Highway for 6.6 km.   Turn onto the Inks Lakes Road Exit and proceed past the Highway Maintenance Yard to an intersection.   The road to the right is the access route to all of the Outer Inks Lake Tracks.   In winter, park outside the cattle guard.   In dry conditions, vehicles can park farther down the road.   It is 2WD for a short distance, but becomes high clearance farther south and west.



  • The main trailheads are a short ways down the dirt road noted above.
  • There are other access routes, for example, from Timber Lake or off the Greenstone Mountain Road, but none are as easy as the main route.
  • There are a few signed motorcycle routes, but there are no other signs to help the hiker.   A GPS is recommended.   There are fence lines farther south, but there are cattleguards and gates for most routes.   Since the Coquihalla flanks the trails on the east, the sounds of the highway can be heard for those who get confused on the trails.
  • Most hikers bear south then swing west and return in a loop route.



  • No one has really done a complete map of the area, but a few GPS maps and some internet maps are available with some searching.
  • Most hikers just make up their own route, creating a loop south and west and back to the vehicle.
  • Most of the tracks are in the forest.   There are some small lakes, wetlands, and creek gullies in addition to double and single tracks.


Inks Lakes Trails


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