When the Coquihalla Highway was built, the new route cut right through the middle of the Bush Lake Cross Country Ski Trail system so a new area was developed, the Stake Lake Trails.   Over time, the Overlander Ski Club has maintained and expanded the trails.   There are now over 60km of trails all signed at junctions.   There is good parking and washrooms at the Stake Lake Parking lot.   A great deal of information on the trails can be found on the OSC’s website:


Driving Directions:



  • The main trailhead is at the Stake Lake parking lot.
  • The trail system can also be accessed in summer from McConnell Lake and Lac le Jeune.





  • All of the signed trails are fine for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Since the trailheads are at 4200 – 4400 feet, the early season can be muddy with late snow melt.   Puddles linger in low spots until summer.
  • Mosquito season is usually early June through mid-July.
  • When the summers become hot, the Stake Lake Trails are somewhat cooler, especially routes through the forest.
  • The loop around Stake Lake is only 2.6 km, perfect for families with young children/
  • Many hikers enjoy the viewpoints on McConnell Hill and the Viewpoint over Lac le Jeune, creating loops from the trails.


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